Trapollo: An End-to-End RPM Partner

John Aldridge, Co-founder & VP
Today, we reside in one of the most dynamic ages in the history of medicine. Current healthcare trends reflect how Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is already a clever solution to deliver patient care on a more granular level with cost-efficient ‘smart’ healthcare services. A well-implemented RPM program allows healthcare providers to gain access to real-time patient health information to predict, and efficiently prevent catastrophic situations. Moreover, such programs have brought in a good deal of convenience for patients in reaching out to quality healthcare without compromising on the comfort of their homes and regular lifestyles. To achieve these ideal results, a lot of non-clinical operational tasks are required to be undertaken by clinical staff, adding non--clinical workload onto the program management teams. This is where Trapollo brings expertise. The company functions as an end-to-end partner to healthcare professionals to launch their remote care programs or to revamp an existing program, shifting the heavy operational tasks onto themselves and freeing up resources for their customers to reinvest in core clinical areas. Trapollo assures the execution of a variety of non-clinical tasks—from the design of the entire program and selection of technology to enable the design, and more.

Trapollo recognizes that the current market vendors offer technology that enable data capture, storage and transmission to and from patient homes, but seldom provide a single solution that caters to the specific end goals of their customers’ RPM programs. According to John Aldridge, co-founder and VP of Trapollo, “We offer solutions—not products—that are required to make the RPM program successful for our customers.” As a custom program builder, Trapollo infuses its expertise in getting RPM programs up and running with a high-touch consultative approach. This approach enables our clients to implement a more efficient care delivery model for patients that increases clinical staff efficiency, reduces patient readmissions, delivers strong ROI and yields high patient satisfaction results.

Enabling RPM: From Soup to Nuts

“We take a very top-down, broad view of everything that needs to be considered to make the program successful,” says Aldridge. The engagement typically begins with a clear definition of the customer’s end goals, which may range from reducing the number of admissions, re-admissions, and length of stay to increasing staff efficiency and overall quality of care. The design of the program involves prescribing guidelines for the selection criteria of patients for the monitoring program, their enrollment process, monitoring methods, data to be collected, devices that will enable the collection, and streaming of the right data to the right clinician, at the right time. Acquisition of hardware and software modules, warehousing and kitting of equipment, installations, and 7-days-a-week helpdesk support, are some of the operational processes managed entirely by Trapollo. Further, on the logistics and field service front, Trapollo performs the de-installation and refurbishment of equipment with factory settings to install in another patient home.

While the all-encompassing method¬ology of Trapollo caters to the pressing needs of healthcare organizations that are venturing into an RPM initiative for the first time, the company also supports existing RPM programs that are ridden with inefficiencies.

We take a very top-down, broad view of everything that needs to be considered to make the program successful

Aldridge notes that for a typical healthcare organization, the inflection point occurs when their RPM program crosses a threshold of 100 patients, beyond which processes seldom run as smoothly as expected. To relieve the staff of excess tasks, and scale the program, Trapollo steps in to enhance the program for simplicity and efficiency, focusing on the end goals to be achieved. For instance, one of Trapollo’s clients that operated in the Midwest had an existing RPM program and wanted to expand it. However, this came at the cost of stressing their internal team with the day-to-day operations involved in scaling to a large patient base. With the help of Trapollo, the customer overhauled the existing technology and redefined the processes to meet end goals. In a short span of three years, the customer has grown their program to cater to the needs of 4,000 patients annually, a 93% increase after engaging with Trapollo.

Shaped by the Market

Interestingly, the results-focused approach of Trapollo finds its roots in GTSI, which performed similar physical management of all the office devices of government entities, allowing the organization to focus solely on their productivity. Noticing a similar need in the burgeoning RPM market, Trapollo was spun off from GTSI. Trapollo’s unique position in the market and growth trajectory garnered the attention of Cox Communications, who subsequently acquired Trapollo in 2015. Although the approach remains the same, the difference lies in the scarcity of essential IT infrastructure at patient homes, which Trapollo tackles with a patient and customer-centric philosophy.Larry Steelman, Vice President Cox Business explains, “Cox Communications serves over 9 million homes, with that understanding of technology in the home, we were certainly excited about Trapollo’s comprehensive solutions and the ability to provide in-home monitoring solutions on a large scale and extend the reach of telehealth in the home.”

“The RPM market has evolved quickly over the years, with a shift of focus on areas other than heart failures, for instance, diabetes, respiratory conditions, and high-risk pregnancies. Technologically, healthcare organizations are now moving away from purpose-built proprietary solutions and opting for open-source and off-the-shelf models,” notes Aldridge. The population trends corroborate Aldridge’s statement, with estimates pointing out that over a course of 8-10 years, the number of U.S. citizens above the age of 65 is projected to grow from 42 million in 2011-12 to 65 million by 2020. Telehealth and RPM programs have paved the way to serve senior patients in innovative ways. During these developments, Trapollo aims to be a trusted advisor, partner, and implementer of successful RPM programs for healthcare organizations of all sizes.


Herndon, VA

John Aldridge, Co-founder & VP

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